Project Our project management service aims at providing our clients with highly experienced, knowledgeable and well skilled personnel, who would make sure that all the information runs smoothly, decisions are quickly taken, legislation is complied with and the whole building project is completed as per agreed requirements and timescale.
Our project management professionals will be your insurance for time and cost efficiency, as well as project accuracy.
If you are a foreigner, it is, to say the least, time consuming to deal with all building issues from a distance. Then of course come all the dealings with the legislation formalities and local municipalities’ requirements, all the way up to the small, but essential issues such as the choice between 3 types of tiles’ color for your bathroom.
We will be the ones, who do all the ground work - your eye, ears and hands on the building site, will assist you with every matter concerning the building project, allowing you to focus better on the more important issues and enjoy the creation of your wished property, without dealing with day-to-day issues.
Among others, here are our project management services:
  • Discussing the general project idea
  • Estimating budget, resources and timescale
  • Assistance in issuance of all the required initial building documents from the relevant authorities such as:
    • Sketches from the Land Registry,
    • Building sketch with requirements for the building from the local municipalities,
    • Initial contract with electricity supply company
    • Initial contract with the water supply company
    • Building permission and etc.
  • Assistance in choosing architect and engineers, and communication with them
  • Assistance in choosing a Building supervisory company and communication with it
  • Assistance in choosing a building company and communication with it
  • Monitoring the building progress
  • Project budget’s management
  • Regular updates on the building process and sending photos
  • Assistance in choosing and communication with the interior designers and furniture companies
  • Assistance in choosing and communication with landscaping designers
  • Assistance with the issuance of Certificate for usage (Act 16) and others. 
For all clients, who use our building services, we offer the project management service free of charge. For all others, please contact us for detailed project management offer.