Having your own Bulgarian home brings along not only pleasant holiday memories, but many responsibilities as well, which could be difficult to deal with by yourself from a distance.
If your holiday house, apartment or residential complex in Balchik, Varna and the surrounding areas needs high standard property management, you have just found the right company.
Property Care will take the responsibility off your shoulders and will guarantee you a professional property management services in Balchik, Varna and the rest of the Northern Black Sea coast.
Property Care offers you not only professional service in the property management field, but most of all genuine attention for all your concerns, friendly attitude and efficiency in dealing with your requests.
With our diverse range of property management services, we aim at providing the complete property maintenance service for our clients in Balchik, Varna and the nearby areas, starting from general care of a property, maintenance of common areas, through arranging gardening services, swimming pool building and swimming pool maintenance, furnishing, rentals and even an accountant for your company.
We are confident that in our company you will find a reliable and trustworthy partner, who will take care of your home, investment as our own.

Contact us now and we will arrange a free of charge inspection of your property. Depending on your needs and knowing the specific features of your home, we will prepare a quotation only for thоse services that will be useful to you.