Villa Our property management team is a reliable partner to developers and Property owners’ associations and provides the complete property management service to holiday complexes in Varna, Balchik and the entire Northern Black Sea coast.

We can and shall manage with great care all your requests and concerns, regarding the maintenance of common areas and management of the individual properties within the complex.

The quality and standard of communal areas are of crucial importance especially for the holiday apartment’s complexes, which are rented to tourists on short-term basis.

Property Care team and our highly qualified local teams of cleaners, technicians and gardeners will provide all necessary property management services required for the good upkeep of the common parts of a holiday complex.

We don’t only offer maintenance of common parts, but arrange on-time and accurate care for individual owners. We could assure you that we shall treat each individual property owner’s issues like ours and ensure their investment has steady and sustainable growth in value.
Satisfying each party involved, is what we are aiming at.

To holiday complexes investors in Varna, Balchik and the nearby coastal towns we offer:
  • High quality management service for better sale prospective
  • Developer’s branding
  • Professional maintenance of the complex

Comprehensive list of property management services for holiday complex you can read below:
  • Coordination and receiving payments for the annual maintenance fee from all individual property owners
  • Strict bookkeeping of the made expenses with connection to the complex maintenance.
  • Preparation of annual report on the expenses
  • Prepare and present a plan for complex improvements and capital costs
  • Arranging all aspects of the annual General Meeting of the Owners of the Condominium:
    • preparation of invitations and advance notice to all owners within the term stipulated by the law
    • preparation of the actual meeting materials such as annual financial report, draft plan for the next year foreseen expenditures, report of the paid and due maintenance fees by the individual property owners
    • sum up report from the afore gathered owners questions, recommendations and etc.
  • Preparation of rules of procedures of the holiday complex
  •  Arranging and monitoring repairs under the building guarantee
  • Arranging and monitoring repairs apart from the covered building guarantee
  • Cleaning of internal common areas – lobby, reception, corridors, staircase, elevators, internal facilities such as conference rooms, spa centre, fitness areas and etc.
  • Cleaning of alleys and entrances
  • Arranging cleaning of snow and snow disposal – usually engaging and payment for heavy machinery for snow removal
  • Garden maintenance
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Providing handyman for small general repairs
  • Payment of electricity, water bills for the communal area
  • Payment of the monthly elevator maintenance fee
  • Payment of communal and garbage collection fees of the common area
  • Providing security and arranging security fee payments
  • Reception management
  • Providing client’s relations personnel
  • Providing full range of services from the apartment management list for individual property owners, such as:  
    • Arranging private properties check ups
    • Utility bills payment
    • Arranging cleaning services and laundry
    • Airport transfers for owners and their guests
    • Assistance at property resales and viewings etc.
  • Rental management and general support of rental guests

Due to the diversity of holiday complexes and the particular needs of each individual project, we offer a number of property management options as each one of them addresses the needs and wishes of the particular type of development.
The annual charge for property management and maintenance of holiday complex is subject to additional negotiation. For further information, please contact us.

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