Folders" Once and a while everyone experiences the need to receive a legal advice on one matter or another.
We could assist you with putting you in connection with local English speaking solicitors from Balchik and Varna areas with undisputable reputation and professionalism, who would guide you with knowledge and efficiency throughout the legal aspects of your Bulgarian dealings.

If you had purchased a property before 2013, you most probably had set up a limited liability company in order to be able to own a property in Bulgaria.
Even though usually such companies are not really doing business, still an annual tax return declaration needs to be filed in front of the National Income Agency each March and further to that an annual company financial report needs to be presented at the Commercial Registry Agency in June.
Property care provides an accountancy service for non-operating companies and we would save you all the hassle each year in searching for accountant and preparation of all required papers for the institutions.

If indeed you have a functioning company, our accountancy team could also engage with that on regular bases and deal with all company’s expenses and income promptly and in compliance with the Bulgarian company and accountancy legislation.

Our property care team could also assist you with payment of local council taxes in Balchik, Varna, Dobrich, Shumen or Kavarna areas, as well as fines. We, of course do not wish any of our clients to be fined, but unfortunately such fines and penalties are sometimes imposed and they need handling as well.

Bulstat registration is another bureaucratic service we offer to our clients. If you are EU citizen and have just purchased a property with land or if you are a non-EU citizen, who purchased a leasehold property, you have 15 days to register at the Registry agency and apply for a Bulstat number. As you are a foreigner this number serves for tax purposes.

Another quite time costing service we offer to our property management clients is categorization of properties or holiday lettings in Varna, Balchik or Kavarna, in accordance with the respective municipal requirements.
If you want to rent out your property and that property to be awarded with the wished number of leisure industry stars, you need to receive a categorization from the local municipality department, being that in Balchik, Varna or Kavarna towns.
Well to be honest each time we deal with property categorization the municipality authorities have thought of something different to add to the already present requirements. So we are in constant alert and ready to prepare yet another set of documents.

Those are only brief examples of legal and administrative services we offer to our clients and as the bureaucracy everywhere is unpredictable and legal issues unlimited, please contact us if you have any specific issue you want us to deal with, which is not mentioned above.