Solar Air conditioning
The majority of our clients have purchased holiday properties in Balchik, Varna and the region to enjoy the hot summer days and the warm sea. Soon, though, those hot summer days become too hot.

If you have not considered placing a cooling system in your Balchik or Varna summer home from the very beginning, the need of such comes quite quickly after few days in the heat.
Property care team will handle all the process for purchasing and mounting air conditionings on your behalf. Our representative will visit the property and will assess the best spots for mounting air conditioners, as well as the different options for electrical supply to the units, will make an assessment of the required air conditioning capacity in order to have most efficient cooling of the rooms.
We will prepare and present a personalized offer, including different choice of air-conditioning brands and technical features for you to choose from.

Of course, air conditioners could be used for heating as well, however in most cases they are used in the cooling mode.


If you plan to permanent reside in Balchik, Kavarna, Varna, Dobrich areas, or make frequent visits even out of the summer months, you most likely need a heating in your property.

You have three main options for heating, for each one of it our property management stuff could be at your service.

The first and most used option is to use air conditioners to heat the property. Usually that is combined with the property cooling system, so if you purchase proper air conditioners, which have heating mode, which is enough cost efficient that is an agreeable choice.

Your second option is to use movable electricity radiators, which could be cheaper at purchase, good choice if you come to the property from time to time and out of the most cold and snowy months of December, January and February.

The most suitable for permanent lived in houses, especially if those are large properties, is to install a local heating system. That usually runs on wood and coal and makes the property fit for even way below zero temperatures.
This system could be done through independent coal burner or through fire place, which heat will supply with hot water the whole system and warm the entire living space.

Either option you choose, you could be sure in our best service and assistance.

Solar panels

It would be waste of sunshine and money, if your budget allows it, and you have not decided for the solar panels yet.
Especially in the summer months, this heating option could save you plenty of money for water heating and could be as well used over the winter months, provided there are just few hours of sunshine.
In some of the houses in Balchik and Albena, which are run by our property management team, the heat surplus from the solar panels, after heating the boilers, goes for heating the water in the swimming pools.

For further information on our services for property cooling and heating systems, please contact us.