Garden A beautifully arranged garden is always a great complement to any property. That is why we do consider garden maintenance and landscaping as one of property management’s most important services.

Understanding of gardening and design is patchy in Bulgaria at present, to say the least! It is difficult to find qualified persons who understand how a garden can really compliment a property – be an outside living space.

Property care could assist you in this matter with providing you with professional garden landscaping and garden maintenance services in Balchik, Varna, Albena areas as well as other nearby coastal towns and villa areas.

Efficiency, high quality and great attention to details is what we invest in your property garden and soon it would blossom in its full beauty.

Landscaping services

Choosing our landscaping designers might as good be one of the smartest decisions you have taken about your property. The designers are well trained, highly qualified professionals with awareness of the natural environment and balance, skilled in colours, proportions and with comprehensive knowledge of plants.

Our landscaping designers will visit your property to meet and discuss your ideas, needs and dreams. A general landscaping design illustration is to be provided, where the designers will make sure that the right plant, with the right size and colour is planted in the right spot of your garden.
Apart from the particular type of plants – flowers, bushes, trees, your customized landscaping project will also include any other structural elements in your landscape, such as walkways,  retaining walls (if required), irrigation system and accent lightning, which will make the vision of your property complete.

Garden maintenance

Each particular garden has its own maintaining needs and that is why we set an individual maintenance plan for each of the gardens we take care of.
Whether a garden needs weekly, monthly or one – off seasonal attention is a question of owners’ decisions, gardens’ condition and type of plants.

Our garden maintenance services include:
  • One off garden maintenance, usually at the start of the season upon request of the owners. Our local workers will keep your garden well maintained. This one off garden maintenance service is mainly aimed at gardens with no particular landscaping. In such case our garden maintenance services involves grass cutting, attention to the quickly growing hedges, prune trees, removing damaged plants and etc.
  • Regular garden maintenance services – this is a service, which would make sure that your beautifully landscaped garden will always be in best of shapes- tidy and neatly looking. A regular weekly schedule would be done with clear set intervals of garden visits and garden maintenance work types. That service includes the full list of customized garden works, which your garden requires, including, but not only – clearing of flower beds, grass trimming, pruning, hedge cutting, turfing and etc.

Irrigation system 

Installing an irrigation system is a vital point in keeping your landscaped garden always in bloom – fresh and faultless. Water is crucial for all plants and its quantity and proper daily disposal is vital for any garden.
We will make an individual assessment of your garden needs and will provide you with the best irrigation system options for your garden.
That investment will make sure that your nicely arranged garden looks splendid each season.

If you need any further information on our garden maintenance services, please contact us.