Swimming You have most probably purchased a holiday property in Balchik or Varna for three reasons – permanent residing, investment or holiday spot. For all three of those a sparkling well designed swimming pool adds to the property an additional value, regardless in what you would like to measure this value in - revenue money or well spent summer time around the pool.

Holiday homes in sunny Bulgaria and swimming pools are a natural match and quite an essential one, when it comes to rent out a villa. It might sound costy and probably a feature of the high end properties, it is indeed quite a realistic wish and if you plan your budget well it could be easily included in your annual spendings.

Property care will assist you along each step of building your desired swimming pool in Balchik, Varna and the Northern Black Sea coast.

First of all comes the assessment of the terrain, the chosen design and size of swimming pool, which would most suits to those specifics of your plot.
Our well practiced swimming pool construction experts would offer you the possible options for size of the pool, shape, depth, type of pool tiles cover, as well as the swimming pool integration to the whole garden area. Whether you wish an outside tiles next to the pool, grass or any other surface, or you wish the pool to be connected to the solar panel system, we will give you our best advices for those or any other features, so that the overall view of your outside property area is well managed and set, as well as the financial aspect considered.

Property care will also deal with all legal aspects of the swimming pool building and planning.
The initial steps is to apply in the local municipality for planning sketch of the property for swimming pool construction. On the base of that our architect and engineers draw up the necessary plans in compliance with the law. When all required plans for the swimming pool construction are ready, the whole set of documents is submitted to the municipality for issuance of building permission for the pool. 

When you receive the needed papers for initial swimming pool planning and all design features of the swimming pool are agreed on, work could start.
Usually it takes about 6- 7 weeks time to finish up to the final touch a swimming pool, if weather allows of course. First of all it is the digging, then reinforcement, then concrete laying, then plastering, tile covers, shaping the swimming pool boards, placing the ladder (if no concrete stairs are chosen), covering the area in immediate proximity to the swimming pool, installing the filter system in the specially made shaft, cleaning and… it is time to fill in the water and start the filter running.
Only after our final approval you could jump in and enjoy some freshness.

The constructed by us swimming pools come with the following warranties:
For the concrete construction – 10 years
For the tiles – 3 years
For the pump – 1 year
Warranties are only valid in case of proper use of the facility.

Each particular property has individual features, size and shape of plot, plot elevation, soil structure and etc., so do contact us for further details about your personalized offer for building your swimming pool.